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Secure payment

Our secure payment :

Secure payments

The technologies used by Adyen help ensure almost total security of online payments by bank cards and credit cards.

All the payment process between buyer and , through ADYEN is fully encrypted and protected on the one hand by SSL, on the other hand thanks to banking and electronic banking software implemented.

Thus, at any time, the number of the credit card is flowing clear on the Internet .

On the other hand, ADYEN being the interface between the client and, it has never know the number of the card number that is either not printed that any document whatsoever.

ADYEN nor retains more card numbers after transmitting the payment transaction to the bank They only pass through its systems.

Thus, no one has access to the details of bankcards buyers.

How is the payment transaction on the Internet

When payment is due, the buyer spends server towards the payment server ADYEN which sends a encrypted payment page using the SSL protocol. This page is displayed in HTTPS ( ) has the merchant's name indicating that it is well referenced and authenticated by Adyen.

The buyer then enters the card number, expiry date and CVV and valid payment. Then follows an authorization request (fully encrypted ) servers Visa , Mastercard or American Express networks through the banking network that is affiliated merchant. Previously, the credit card has passed a series of tests by ADYEN, allowing to remove much of the potential fraud.

After this check, the transaction is either accepted or rejected, in both cases an authorization number or refusal being sent. If accepted, ADYEN sends e-mail the payment receipt to the buyer and, the card number is never referred to by against

The buyer is then redirected to the server





Using Paypal - Visa / Mastercard ...

About this services

To protect yourself, we automatically encrypt sensitive data transmitted between your computer and our system through one of the most advanced encryption technologies.

We also have a team that monitors all transactions on our system 24 and 24 hours, 7 days on 7.

Buyer Protection / PayPal

Use PayPal as a payment method to make a purchase . If you do not receive your item or it bears no relation to the description of the seller (other color , broken object ... ), Paypal can refund you . This protection is free and valid in France and abroad (see conditions).

For more information, see the terms of use

How ?
To report an issue , you must log into your PayPal account. You have 45 days from the date of payment . If the seller does not or if you can not find a friendly solution answers, you can escalate the dispute to a claim within 20 days . Opening a claim, you ask us to make a decision for you. We then study your file and check your eligibility for a refund in accordance with our Terms of Use .

All tangible items that can be shipped and which are not prohibited by law can be covered. Here are some examples of where we intervene : you bought a book but have received a DVD, you bought a new object but have received a used item you bought 3 items but have received only 2 , the object was damaged during delivery, it lacks important parts to the object ( not mentioned by the seller), you have purchased a genuine object but have received a counterfeit. If the seller was accurate in its description but the object does not suit you , Buyer Protection does not apply .

Exclusion program
Buyer Protection does not cover digital goods ( intangible objects ) , services, real estate, vehicles, custom objects , the travel tickets and unauthorized by our regulations objects ( generally prohibited by law as well) . Payments of objects delivered by hand and sending money between relatives are not covered.

We protect your account
You're not responsible for unauthorized purchases from your account if you report a qualifying event within 60 days . This means that in case of unauthorized use of your account, we can refund you .

Refunds for problem
In the event of unauthorized transaction with your PayPal account , you are not responsible for the purchase if you open a dispute within 60 days . If a problem with a seller, you can also ask us to intervene. If your purchase qualifies for our protection , we will refund .

A reactive support service
In the event of unauthorized claims or any other problems you encounter transaction , we help you find a solution. Contact our Customer Service .



- Bank transfer



- Cheque (only for France )